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A Path to Solvency and Survival
Have You Lost The Ability To Focus On Running Your Business Because of

IRS collections activity and fear of seizure of the business

Creditor calls and managing vendor payments

Insufficient cash flow to meet current obligations

IF SO...

Bay Area Financial Services (BAFS) can help you find a path to solvency and survival by:

Reducing or eliminating the debt that burdens the business

Procuring short or long term capital financing

Selling your business

New government directives dictate much tougher collection enforcement of delinquent taxes. However, the initial collection effort may create the illusion that this is not an urgent and serious matter.

Ignoring tax notices is dangerous. Penalties and interest on tax balances can accumulate at rates up to 75% per year. Filing a tax lien is the first sign that the tax agency is serious about collecting outstanding taxes. The lien is public notice the government has a security interest in the assets of the business and gives them the right to levy your assets.

The lien opens the door to more aggressive collections through levying business bank accounts and receivables. If a levy is placed on the bank account it can result in the loss of significant cash, which will jeopardize your payroll and cripple your vendor payments. If the levy is placed on the accounts receivable the business will be paralyzed by the lack of cash flow.

The next step of the collection process the tax agency obtains a writ of entry for the purpose of seizing all the business assets in effect closing the business. At this point the tax debt becomes a personal liability and this debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy.

The earlier the issue is dealt with the more alternatives you, the business owner have. By acting now you:

Minimize the amount owed to the IRS

Maintain flexibility in determining who gets paid and how much

Protect your rights as a taxpayer.

In other words.........you maintain control.

BAFS is a financial service firm focusing on assisting business owners in resolving tax and debt issues before the threaten the very life of the business. Our knowledge and experience with tax collection procedures combined with our financial management experience allow us to develop strategies unique to the business following a new path free of financial burdens that otherwise would have paralyzed the operations of the business.








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